Ford Falcon The Basis Of The Crown Victoria

Published: 25th November 2009
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One of the most well known names in autodom is stood to get its first major overhaul in just about 30 years. Ford's Crown Victoria, introduced in 1979, has had only small changes since its introduction, but a new plan by Ford to overhaul the crown jewel of its fleet is apparently in the offing. Thanks to central authority help - Australian to be exact - the new Crown Victoria will be a clean break from the current model and will help to spawn additional models for siblings Mercury and Lincoln. Yes, you may not have considered a Crown Victoria up to this point, but the coming new "Crown Vic" will change your mind about that.

You have to go back all the way to the late 1970s to when "downsizing" was a term employed by the auto industry to explain a shell game where huge vehicles were dropped down a nick in size to sit on a platform rather smaller than the previous model. Indeed, across the 1970s Ford's full size offerings the LTD/Galaxie five hundred were huge beasts of burden. By the then new Galaxie five hundred Crown Victoria was released at the end of the decade, Ford was playing catch up to General Motors who had earlier mastered the whole downsizing strategy.

Initially, the Crown Victoria had a broad appeal for drivers desiring a giant automobile with all of the trappings. As time went buy the car grew less and less fascinating as buyer tastes modified, but the Crown Victoria's style failed to. As a pursuit, central authority, or fleet auto the Crown Victoria has done very well, but Ford has only made modest enhancements to the automobile over the years. Indeed, America's 2 automaker has invested significantly in trucks, vans, SUVS SUVS and select vehicles, but the Crown Victoria quickly began to show its age. Today's model is extremely outmoded and it hasn't had an in depth refreshing in more than ten years, so an overhaul is warranted.

Ford's impetus for change is coming from an improbable source : a foreign govt. According to news sources, Ford's Australian operation has received a $1.4 bln Grant from Australia to build a production and research facility which will be used to design and build many new models. One of the Australian cars slated to gain from this move will be the Ford Falcon, a full sized car that will become the basis of the all-new Crown Victoria.

While some have speculated the new Crown Victoria will be built in Australia and imported to the U.S, this is unlikely to happen. Instead, Ford will expand the Falcon's production to at least one U.S. Plant, make some technical refinements, and sell the vehicle as a Crown Victoria. It's going to be targeted to police departments and fleet buyers essentially with some residual sales for personal buyers. In addition, the Crown Victoria will spawn a new Mercury Gran Marquis while a marginally stretched and much more and plenty more sublime version of the vehicle will become the replacement for the present Lincoln Town Car.

Yes, the Crown Victoria is well past its helpful age. Thanks to some assistance from down under, the 2010 model should be a refreshing change. At least Ford hopes you will think so.
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